reflexology services in Hamden, CT

Reflexology Services in Hamden, CT

Foot Reflexology (60 minutes)                                              $90

Perfect for those who want to completely unwind.  Take off your shoes and let Reflexology relax you.  Clients often fall asleep during a Foot Reflexology Session and wake up feeling rejuvenated with a bit more spring in their step. A wonderful way to allow the body to recover from physical and emotional stress. Deeply relaxing. 

Hand Reflexology (60 minutes)                                           $90

Allow Hand Reflexology to relieve those tired, achy hands.  Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, Fatigue. Headaches, shoulder pain, neck tension?  Hand Reflexology can bring life and movement back to those joints and tendons.    A wonderful form of preventative health care. Your hands will thank you.

Deluxe Spa Package (90 minutes)                                       $130

Give yourself the Royal Treatment by receiving both Hand and Foot Reflexology.  Complete, deep, powerful relaxation and healing.  Amazing.   


Buying a package can be a great way to ensure more sessions of reflexology and to save money, too! 

3 Sessions for $255  ($85/sesssion, you save $15)

5 Sessions for $400 ($80/session, you save $50)

10 Sessions for $750 ($75/session, you save $150)  

*All packages expire one year after purchase date.

*24-hour cancellation policy* The session times include client intake.        

*These prices do not include sales tax