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Martha having fun in bridge!

Martha having fun in bridge!

Meet Ms. July, Martha!

 I am so excited to have Martha in the Student Spotlight this month. I remember how cautious she was the first day of class and how with each class she became more and more comfortable with the studio, the students, yoga, and me.  It was like she knew she needed yoga, but wasn't sure how it was going to help her.  Thank you, Marj for introducing Martha to our community!  It has been truly amazing to witness her transformation.  Now let's hear from Martha in her own words!    

What brought you to yoga? 

My good friend, Marj (see June student spotlight!) suggested yoga and, specifically Julie’s Yin class at YEMM, because I have been really struggling to deal with a very serious chronic illness in one of my two beautiful daughters. Marj knew that the grounding, calming Yin practice would help me and she was right.

How has practicing yoga helped or changed you?

 Practicing Yin yoga is helping me in many ways. I am learning how to breathe through stressful situations, to be aware of the beauty and goodness of every moment, to know that life is always changing and renewing itself and that bad moments won’t last forever. It has also helped me physically to be more aware of areas of my body where I hold in stress and to learn poses that help me let go of that stress, alleviating tension and pain, including emotional pain.
What is one of your favorite poses or yoga practices and why? 

I really like reclining goddess pose because it is a great hip stretcher and also a great heart opening pose, because I do it with my hands over my head, grabbing opposite elbows. I also like bridge pose because it strengthens my core and makes me feel strong.

Do you want to share anything else? 

Julie is great at explaining how opening our fascia in certain parts of our body can really extend throughout our whole body, mind and spirit. The Yin Yoga class is a wonderful place to find support in an nonjudgmental community. It is a place of rest, peace and restoration that is like heaven on earth.

Thank so much for sharing your story, Martha!  Keep up the good work!