Replenish Organic Body Butters

Organic. Small Batch. Handmade.

Replenish Organic Body Butters were created out of necessity. It was the winter of 2014 and I was learning about Hand Reflexology. To my dismay, I discovered that the majority of my clients suffered from dry, cracked, “New England Winter” skin. I knew that I wanted to use some kind of “lotion” to help my client’s skin, but I was shocked to read the ingredients of the lotions and skin creams available at local stores (“Phthalates”, “Triclosan”, “Sodium lauryl sulfate”, and  Formaldehyde” to name a few). The skin is our largest organ and anything that goes on your skin also goes inside your body. I didn’t want to put those chemicals on myself or my clients, so I knew I had find another way to combat my clients’ skin dilemma. And so, with my yankee ingenuity, I tried various recipes for DIY body butters and after some time, I came up with “Replenish Body Butters”. I started using my body butters on my clients and they loved them! Soon enough, my clients were asking to purchase my body butters. Then they wanted to buy my body butters for their friends and family. Four years later, I am selling Replenish Body Butters from my office in Hamden, CT and at Books & Company in Hamden, CT with two more locations to be added in January 2019.

Replenish Body Butters are organic, small batch, and handmade. Presently there are 5 different Replenish Body Butters to choose from:

Organic Lavender
Organic Relaxation (Geranium & Orange)
Organic Balsam Fir
Organic Jasmine
Organic Cocoa Butter

$20 each

Email Julie at if you are local to CT and would like to purchase some body butters, subject “Body Butters”.