About Julie & Replenish

Welcome to Replenish Reflexology and Healing Arts!  I am thrilled to have you exploring my website and learning more about how Replenish can help you feel better. It is through teaching yoga, meditation, Reflexology, public speaking events, my online offerings,  and in-person events, I strive to help you begin to live a more joyful and present life.

 Below you can read about me, my training, and offerings.  On my "Julie's Story" page you can learn about what events brought me to making Replenish Reflexology & Healing Arts a reality and why I feel that taking care of yourself helps everyone feel better.  

Julie Bailis  is the owner of Replenish, Reflexology & Healing arts.

Julie Bailis is the owner of Replenish, Reflexology & Healing arts.

I teach Yin Yoga 2 times a week at Mountain View Wellness.  Yin Yoga is a wonderful style of yoga that emphasizes the release of muscular tension in order to increase your body’s range of motion.  Because Yin Yoga also emphasizes stillness and silence, it can be a wonderful bridge to beginning a meditation practice. Feel free to hear what my students have to say here.

I also have my own Reflexology practice where I listen to my clients’ needs and tailor a Reflexology session especially for them involving foot, hand, and/ear Reflexology.  My clients often leave with feelings of lightness and well-being, increased circulation, and fewer stress-related symptoms. Feel free to hear what my clients have to say here.

I received my RYT 200 hour training fromKim Valeri/Yoga Spirit Studio.  I have also studied with Josh Summers (Yin Yoga Training I and II).  In addition to yoga, I am a certified Reflexologist and I am presently the President of the Reflexology Association of Rhode Island.  I am also a level 1 Crossfit Trainer. 

When you take a class or workshop with me you can expect transformation.  I blend humor and a firm knowledge of yoga and anatomy with practical techniques you can apply to your real life. I strive to keep the communication between my clients and students going through my Facebook page and website.  If you would like to know more about how I can help you,  feel free to contact me or check out my facebook page and become part of a growing community of like-minded individuals.